All Features

Manage Jobs

  • Create Jobs
  • Tag recruiters to job
  • Tag account managers to job
  • Make the job private/public
  • Publish the jobs on job board
  • Configure notifications
  • Invite candidates for a job

Machine Learning

  • Invite candidates for a job
  • Skill Extraction
  • Text Classification
  • Relevancy scores

Sourcing Application

  • Source candidates from various job boards
  • Publish jobs on your own branding and receive applications

Manage Candidates

  • Create new candidate data
  • Invite candidates to apply
  • Shortlist
  • Manage candidate applications
  • Schedule Interviews
  • Take notes on candidate interactions
  • Assign billing rates to candidate profiles
  • Manage interview feedback
  • Notify candidates via email templates
  • Tag candidate conversations
  • Receive GDPR consent
  • Email and SME reminders for interviews
  • Kanban style board to manage candidate pipeline


  • Full reports on candidate engagement
  • Notifications, export to excel
  • Notifications, export to excel
  • 360 degree view of recruiter performance

Client Management

  • Create client details
  • Create client contacts
  • Tag jobs to clients
  • Take real-time notes
  • Cascade notes from clients to recruiters
  • Cascade notes from clients to recruiters

Talent Search

  • Powerful search engine for internal candidate database
  • Invite candidates to apply for opportunities
  • Track invites
  • Categorise candidates based on skills

Build Recruitment Teams

  • Invite recruiters
  • Assign permissions
  • Access control
  • Allow collaboration
  • Manage notifications

Pre-Employment Documentation

  • Receive address, ID proof and other documents
  • Receive documents based on pre-set templates
  • Send documents to candidates for signatures
  • Manage all candidate documentations in one place

Pre-Employment Reference

  • Request references automatically
  • Template based reference management
  • Reference validations via workflow
  • Dashboard to report progress

Timesheet Management

  • Receive timesheets from candidates
  • Assign approvers, initiators
  • Drive billing from Timesheets

Expense Management

  • Receive expense from candidates
  • Automatically pay and invoice
  • Assign approvers, initiators

Billing and Invoice Management

  • Capture billing and bank account details
  • Calculate VAT and other taxes
  • Configure billing workflow
  • Chase payments
  • Assign approvers/initiators
  • Generate Invoices and auto reminders